New Zealand Student Tours

Accommodation Choices     

All accommodation is clean, safe and warm.

Leaders choose the preferred style for their group.

clipbed.gif (2639 bytes) Based on preferences KANES arrange the best accommodation to balance each group's budgets and comfort requirements. Unless otherwise requested,  quotations generally aim at lower priced 1 & 2 star accommodation for student groups.


1 Star Cabin/Dorms
Safe family orientated holiday parks have comfortable bunk beds for 4 - 10 people. Separate nearby buildings contain clean functional bathrooms and kitchen/dining facilities. (Sleeping bag required).


2 Star Lodge/Hostels
These units provide  2- 5  beds in each room. Bathroom facilities are in the same building.  (Sleeping bag required ).
Ldg.JPG (19532 bytes) 2 & 4 Star Farm Stays
KANES can arrange one low budget 2 Star lodge stay and two  4 star tourist standard farm stays. Farm stays let us enjoy the wide open spaces, splendid scenery and experience farming life.


3 & 4 Star Motel
Enjoy  2-4 beds with full bedding TV attached bathrooms
and cooking and  tea/coffee making facilities
  4 & 5 Star Tourist Hotels
These hotels are in convenient accessible locations with views.  They provide modern, fully serviced, air-conditioned spacious rooms with 2 - 3 beds, full linen and towels, attached bathroom, TV, and tea/coffee making facilities.

Some like it rough

Outdoor tenting *
Sleeping in tents is not normal for our guests unless part of outdoor education.

Home Stays
Some groups arrange home stays to reduce the costs and meet the locals.



** Notes when required warm sleeping bags are available for hire.  These can open up and be used as a warm over-cover.

All low budget accommodation meets strict NZ safety standards and multi share rooms are allocated for staff and gender groups.

Note: Low budget safari meals are not usually available for groups staying in accommodation over 2 star quality.

The table below may be helpful to establish the best balance. 
Leaders with lower budgets often like add a night or two for a break of luxury

  1 Star
2 Star
Lodge / Hostel
3 Star
4 Star
Tourist Hotel
5 Star
Superior Hotel
Beds per room 3-8 2-4 2-3 2-3 2-3
Bedding & Towels Own Own Provided Provided + Provided ++
Heating Basic Yes Yes yes Aircon
Clean Bathroom Separate  Building Same Building Attached to room Full service Superior
Close to town centre Seldom Sometimes Frequently Usually Always
Safety & Security Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Outside space Usually Frequently Sometimes None Never
Self-Catering Facilities Always Always Sometimes None None
Attached restaurants Never Seldom Usually Always Always
Self Service Laundry Always Always Usually Usually Usually
Pay Phone Nearby Nearby In Building In Room In Room
Price guide* 3X 4X 6X 13X 18X

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