New Zealand Student Tours

 Farm Stays

A Farm Stay lets us enjoy the wide open spaces and splendid scenery while  experiencing life on New Zealand food producing farms.



Guests can walk around the farm yards and learn about the animals, equipment and processes for producing wool, meat and grains for the world markets. 

Two Star and Three Star Farm stays enable ALL guests to stay together on one farm. Special arrangements can often be made to meet the farmer to talk about the industry and introduce us to some of the animals and activities related to the industry. 

Four Star Farm Stays  enable guests to divide into small groups of 2 or 3 and stay with different  farmers and their families as special guests in their homes.   With these home stays guests experience local lifestyles and cultures as well as the learning about and experiencing new Zealand farming industry.

Note:-  Farms are working industries.  They operate in cycles of activities. Animals are not always easy to see when they are away in the mountains away from the yards.  

 tailor your experience to best meet your main interests within the time available.