New Zealand Student Tours

 Pricing Factors

KANES  plan best for best value within an affordable price range. 

Every customer group has their own special adventure and educational interests introduced during fine-tuning discussions. Usually land packages range between $900 - $1400.  The following affect prices:- 

Group size

Larger groups (up to 40) lower prices.  Enthusiastic  promotion, affordable prices, desirable activities, popular teachers, and  friends all attract applications.

Airlines lower prices when booked early, with the lowest priced dates.

Airlines do not hold quoted prices without a booking deposit.  more>

Fun and learning activities *

Learning adventures
Each plan is filled with different new experiences based ob customers interests. Some of these affect the package price, e.g. jet boating, skiing etc  more>


Although longer tours add to the price, they
can usually have better value with more learning features and experiences and a lower "daily" price.

Accommodation choices


Choices range between 1 star to 5 star.  All are guaranteed clean, safe and warm.  more>

Meal choices

Meals are wholesome and satisfy the biggest appetites.  Customers can select from a range of different styles from the very low budget prepare-your-own "Safari" meals through to the top restaurants.    more

Effective use of travel time

Itinerary Route
Best value comes from loop trails that access the biggest variety of guests' most preferred features. One way trails can reduce duration (increasing daily price factors.


Non included costs
Be aware of the extra payments needed during the tour. These add to the package price, eg non-included meals & desirable "optional" activities than can offer better value and take less time, if included in the group price.  more*


Time for "Optional " Activities

 Because KANES receive generous bulk buying reductions A all included package plan improves value.


Theme Zones
arrange itineraries to access the most theme zones leading to more varieties of:- great sights, adventures, learning, cultures, sciences, and humanities.


Planning Costs
Leader's need not spend much time and there is no financial cost. KANES reduce these costs by using standard material and systems for promotion, planning, preparation, education and handouts.    more>

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