New Zealand Student Tours

 Pricing Factors

KANES  ain best for best value for customers budget. 

Land packages usually range between $900 - $1400. 
Final prices depend on:- 

Group size

Groups of 40 attract lowest land tour prices.  Enthusiastic  promotion, desirable activities, popular teachers, and friends attending all attract applications.

Airlines usually offer best prices around 12 months prior.

Airlines do not hold quoted prices without a booking deposit.  more>

Fun and learning activities *

Confidence building adventures like: jet boating, skiing, white water rafting, flying can make significant impacts in pricings  more>


Although longer tours cost more, they
make for a lower "daily" price and allow time for value with important learning features and experiences.

Accommodation choices

Accommodation Quality

More stars more cost.  Choices range from 1 star to 5 star.  All are guaranteed clean, safe and warm.  more>

Meal choices

Normally used low cost Safari Meals are wholesome and satisfy for the biggest appetites.  However, customers may request to add a camp cook or have more take-a-way, buy-your-own and restaurant meals that add to the tour price.    more

Effective use of travel time

Itinerary Routes
KANES plan best value loop trails that access the biggest variety of Theme Zones and most preferred sights, learning and adventure features.  

Customers are welcome to discuss other more expensive alternatives or additions to include additional requirements.

Hidden costs
Extra payments can be needed for the tour.  The most common are non-included items are meals, travel insurance, expected gratuities, GST & "optional" activities.    more*


Time for "Optional " Activities

Tour Operator Discounts
 KANES  pass on generous bulk buying reductions that add significant  value to their plans.



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