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Four seasons all offer their own special benefits and attractions   more>

Customers choose the types and number of meals they prefer. These range from simple low cost "safari" self-catering options to full restaurant service.

About us

About us
We aim to help our customers grow with knowledge and experiences to ensure they grow into popular, independent, contributing citizens in their own communities.


"NZ Accident Compensation Insurance"
 provides uncapped cover for medical expenses resulting from any accident. This is always included with KANES quotations

Other "Travel insurances" offer various extra capped benefits involving a variety of premiums.  

Safety Assurances

Safety policies KANES comply with are outlined with their own safety standards, licences,  government requirements, operators protocols, and customers own requirements.
FBarCq2.jpg (41441 bytes) Coaches and drivers
Vehicles meet all safety standards, They are comfortable, provide great visibility and reliability. Our friendly experienced drivers are regularly checked for medical conditions and criminal convictions to ensure passenger safety.  more>

Customer Website

Customers' websites
To save staff time an exclusive confidential website accompanies each customer's to help inform supporters and participants.


Popular Sample Plans

Sample plans
These popular, best value plans show New Zealand's greatest sights and learning opportunities.

Each can be extended with added customer preferences more


Leaders are welcome to adjust their plans at any time - even as their tour operates.

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