New Zealand Student Tours



This popular itinerary access most of New Zealand's best sights and learning experiences.

Discussions during the planning phases ensure each customer obtains the best combination of learning, adventures, sights and facilities that  fit into the time and budget available.

8 Day low budget South Island

8 Day Low Budget Adventure  
This plan encompasses 7 Theme Zones, the world's best tourist highway, New Zealand's world renown scenery, the widest range of geography, earthquake devastated Christchurch, many very different settlements, highest alps, volcanoes, most interesting glaciers, easily see tectonic processes, iceberg lakes, largest variety of rivers, coasts, harbours, walks, and hydro power stations. It also includes vast rain forests, farms, rugged desert lands, & tundra plains. more> 

10 Day Med Budget South Island

10 Day Medium Budget Adventure 
This tour extends the 8 day plan with extra destinations, better accommodation, and more attractions, including:-
●  Hot springs swim
●  Hydro slide
●  White water rafting
●  Tree top walkway
●  Bushman's Centre
●  Shotover Jet boat ride
●  Maori cultural exchange
●  Maori Hangi feast
●  Shantytown
●  Gold panning
●  Steam train ride
●  International Antarctic Centre
●  Ice Mobile ride
●  Queenstown gondola ride
●  5 Luge rides
●  Skyline top restaurant dinner
●  Second restaurant dinner

8 Day North Island Active Volcano Adventure

8 Day North Island Adventure  (Ref: s8nie)
This trail includes 2 Theme Zones, the world's great collection of active volcanoes
including: geysers, fumaroles, boiling mud and steaming caldrons. We also visit New Zealand's most populated areas, and its most varied and productive farms.  There is a wide variety of learning and recreational activities available to meet most groups interests.  more> 

* Prices and tour details described may change any time unless a land only quotation has been sent. When KANES'  "Deposit due date" arrives numbers, features, and airfares will be available and a booking can be made, if acceptable at that time. In the meantime, groups budget with a "likely price" and a "not more than" price to guide them.  Early bookings usually yield lowest airfares   more>

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