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Mountains & Alps

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Tectonic activity

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New Zealand's spectacular mountains rise from enormous tectonic forces.  

At the same time, they are torn down by glaciers, rivers and violent weather. 

You can climb them, ski them,  walk (and drive) among them, fly over and land on them, experience them on 3D movie or simply admire them from the comfort of a warm base. 

Walking Trails

KANES choose clear safe trails that meet skills of each group. These provide great mountain views and insights of the forces that erode them.

Groups with special mountain interests meeting standards of knowledge and skills can share the realms of the mountaineer. 

Mountain experiences are easy for skiing groups as access requires no skills or training.

We explore tectonic uplifting  erosion, and weather processes, observing micro climates, rainforests and deserts made by mountains. We learn how mountains influence nearby settlements.

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