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Walking Trails

Trails access spectacular scenery and exciting challenges based on customer interests. 

They build confidence, stamina, health and well being.

The walk to the Tasman Glacier, New Zealand's largest.
Alpine valley walk
Alpine Valleys
The Alpine Grandeur Zone offers walks among Australasia's  highest Alps. They access spectacular ice falls, glaciers, icebergs, and growing glacier lakes.

Mountain valley trails
Mountains offer a challenge both of skill and endurance for various levels of skills and experience. they access volcanoes, snow, alpine vegetation, screes, and magnificent panoramic views.
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Hooker Valley Alpine Walk
Bridges during walking trails offer a challenge for some guests who need to tame excessive mistrust of structures and fear of heights and movements.  For others they are fun and open new sights.
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Most volcano areas offer walks for closer experiences.  The North Island's recently erupted volcanoes offer an amazingly unique landscape. Here, as with recently glaciated areas, the re-vegetation process is beginning with a fascinating collection of lichens.
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Great Coasts

Some walks lead us along a sections of vegetation facing up to the violence of the Roaring Forties. View points offer panoramas of lands scared shattered and torn by ice sheets the ever-moving tectonic plates. Walks also lead to seal colonies, sand beaches, rocky shores,
spherical rocks and seal colonies.
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Giant Waterfalls
Water falls
Waterfalls are numerous due to high rainfall and steep alpine landscape.  most tours visit an exciting fall of water and feel their power. 
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Understanding rivers involves some of the walking trails that follow beautiful river-occupied valleys. Small tributaries  need to be crosses by "rock hopping". Exciting bridges traverse the larger flows and deep, crystal-clear ponds where trout temptingly bask.

Swampland Walks
Board-walks through the fairytale swamps of the dinosaur rainforest inspire and provide study groups with more insights into the biology of forest Podocarp rainforest plants.  Forests here have been untouched by man or animal since the ice sheets left here 14,000 years ago.

Special guided walks
Exploring a huge glacier is among the world's most memorable experiences. 
Deep collapsing valleys lead to these wonders in both the Alpine Grandeur Zone and the Scenic Glacier Zone.   Huge varieties of rock types indicate the amazing forces & geographic processes. Special guided walks take you on to the glacier itself.
There are large numbers of rain forest walks throughout New Zealand.  experience is never complete Walking lets guests experiencing the moderating climate and silence of the rainforest. They enable you to become familiar with many aspects of nature featured in   "The Lord of the Rings" .

Kaikoura Walkway
Kaikoura Walkway
This is one of new Zealand's many great coastal walkways. These enable access .
Overnight Walks
New Zealand's overnight walks offer the most magnificent wilderness experiences.  KANES are pleased to arrange bookings, food, transport and equipment as necessary for guests.  The choice of trails are made in conjunction with the tour leader and take into account the skills, experience and fitness of each of the group members.  For safety reasons KANES conduct a one day advance walk to ensure the fitness and ability . These are always in interesting and different locations.   (Note: the most popular walks such as the Milford Track must be booked well in advance with non refundable payment).

Rainforest Night walk
Rainforest Night walk
We confront our fear of darkness and experience nature at night.  
Because New Zealand forests have no dangerous creatures this is a good chance help each other meet the challenge and enjoy the experience of New Zealand's amazing

Seal colonies

Seal colonies
See them basking and playing along the coast.



Geothermal areas
Geothermal areas
Explore and enjoy the unique relaxation smells, sound and sights of different pressured superheated vents.  

Ghost towns
Ghost towns
Declining settlements and ghost tows are found in many places where industries faded away. 



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