New Zealand Learning Adventures

Volcano & Coast Tour
take us around the base of the large 500m volcano dominating the Zone.  We enter its crater via a large tunnel through the crater rim.

Forbidden Forest



Experience and explore feature filled volcano, the hidden harbour,  the dynamic shores of the Pacific Ocean, prominent estuaries, moving coasts,  historic sites, swimming and surfing beaches and seaside communities.

Spectacular views include the Pacific Ocean, the shipping harbour, large sand beaches, mountain volcano distant snow covered Southern Alps
and the colourful Canterbury Plains.

New Brighton
Enjoy long wide sand beach, dunes and a new concrete pier where the locals spend their free time fishing and exercising above the violent Pacific Ocean waves and the surfing enthusiasts.  There are shops for purchases.

A visit to the old port town and first European settlement helps us understand the processes of choosing and building a harbour and the importance of connecting it with its community.

Sumner is a popular growing seaside town with interesting volcanic outcrops and caves to enjoy.

Optional activities
If time permits:-
●  Hike an historic mountain trail
●  Take a harbour cruise
●  Ride an aerial cable car
●  Visit Ferrymead Heritage Park.

Studies reveal
their causes,  types, shaping, deposits.  We enter the feature filled volcano crater.  The largest vent is now partly drowned and is used as an excellent shipping harbour.

Exploring exposes
the various types of igneous materials
(Loess, Breccia, & Basalt) mingled with glacial dust deposits.  We can learn about the formation of the vast alluvial plains that grew from tectonic processes, weather, glaciation, rivers and ocean movements.

We find study opportunities with the drifting, dunes, volcanic outcrops, wave caves, stacks, estuaries, wetlands, and tidal surges. We can explore the conservation programmes to resist coastal erosion and observe how settlements use the coasts.

We see how geography is so important for settlements.  We see how the volcanoes, plains and ocean are all used to advantage the settlers along with transportation systems that began and developed from here. We explore the  settlements that thrive and those that struggle economically due to changing technology.  See also: Settlement Studies NZ

take you there and tailor your experiences to meet your interests