New Zealand Learning Adventures

Walks in the Zone

In this picturesque zone we find many different exhilarating trails that lead to exciting arctic and temperate wetland features so popular in New Zealand.  See also Walks in NZ

Glacier Walks

Coasts in the zone
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Lake Matheson


To Glaciers: 
We walk along a deep collapsing valley to the actual snout of a giant glacier. Guide can lead us on to the glacier itself.

To Rivers:
We enjoy exciting suspension bridges and deep, crystal-clear ponds where trout temptingly bask.

To Coasts:
Lead us along a sections of the long coast and through coastal vegetation facing up to the violence of the Roaring Forties. View points offer panoramas of lands scared shattered and torn by ice sheets the ever-moving tectonic plates. 

Board-walks through the fairytale swamps of the dinosaur rainforest inspire and provide study groups with more insights into the biology of forest Podocarp rainforest plants.  Forests here have been untouched by man or animal since the ice sheets left here 14,000 years ago.

Night walk in the rain forest
We confront our fear of darkness and experience nature at night.  
Because New Zealand forests have no dangerous creatures this is a good chance help each other meet the challenge and enjoy the experience of New Zealand's amazing

Groups use the walks to experience the items that interest them. Plaques often name the trees for us.

Lake Matheson
We walk through the dinosaur forests on the edge of this delightful kettle  lake.Breathtaking reflections and unique sounds of the New Zealand's rainforests let visitors into more of nature's charm.

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