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Busy organisers share an old fashion phone conversation to convey their group's interests.  With this information KANES produce an activity packed tailored plan to consider.

The phone conversation begins a simple, 3 step, time saving process, avoiding time consuming misunderstandings and culminates quickly with a workable, satisfying and best value plan.  It is all free and without commitment.

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1) Exchange Information
KANES  arrange a free phone conversation to share ideas and learn about the group's various interests aspirations, timings and numbers. more>

If the group's aspirations are workable KANES  provide the best affordable plan for appraisal. 

2) Establish the group
If the plan is approved, the leader explains its benefits to a meeting of interested people and  issues application forms. (provided).

If the applications meet the budget limits bookings can proceed.  


3) Make the Booking
One $300 deposit secures the land booking. around $50 pp secures the flight seats. 

Next KANES make all the land arrangements (and flights if requested).  more>

More Planning Information

   take you there - and make it happen within budget