New Zealand Student Tours

Cave Exploring 


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Glow worms "A magnificent spectacle of millions of tiny shining lights unfolds."

There are 4 main type of caves to explore in New Zealand.  They are wave caves, Limestone caves lava tubes and man made caves

Educational Development
Going into a cave can be a challenge for some people. This activity helps them gain confidence in the dark and with limited space.  On these expeditions you learn how caves are formed and developed.   You will become aware of the various dangers that need to be considered when exploring these fascinating features of nature.

Limestone caves
These show you the amazing effects of different combinations of chemical erosion and deposition action involving limestone. There are many different caves available to explore throughout New Zealand depending on your interests, budget and abilities..  Waitomo Caves & Te Anau Caves that are both popular South Island tourist attractions.

Caves offer both action & education adventures
With KANES you can take an option to explore caves containing glow worms, many different limestone formations, glide down black water streams, ride down white water rapids and take a train ride through the dinosaur forests. Trips include special qualified guides, wet suits, flotation vests, helmets, lights and tubes. 

 take you there  &  tailor your experiences to meet your interests