New Zealand Learning Adventures

Scottish Culture Zone    Social Studies in the zone

Industries in the zone

Study groups learn through guided onsite visits of some of New Zealand's special trading industries. 

These can extend our knowledge of cultures, communication, physics, and chemistry.


A guided tour of the factory reveals the history and development of the product beginning with tasting the beans.

Free samples and a two tonne "chocolate fall" are just awesome. 


By looking at the land around the city of Dunedin we observe problems for land transport due to the steep hills that surround the city.  Walking trails and shipping were gradually replaced by expensive railways and roads.


Find a leading New Zealand University and gain an insight into the the life as a student in a different area.

We can explore the university, meet some students and look at the many courses being offered.





Apart from the fishing fleets around the zone the Otago University operates dedicated marine study facility. 

A guided tour of the facility enables us to learn about the local the marine animals. 

Cheese Interested groups can study aspects of resources management, leadership, chemistry, management and marketing as we meet the personnel, seek answers to questions and listen to our guides.  

You will see areas of rich soil where many varieties of vegetables are grown for distribution throughout the country. 

Main products include:- Carrots, Potatoes, Wheat, Barley, Corn, & Cabbages


In the heart of the city we encounter an old brewery now thriving in the 21st centenary while retaining its traditions. 

A chance to feed the lambs.

Here there a large areas of rich volcanic soils, with good rains that enable the growth of many items that enjoy cooler weather conditions.
Engineering This zone is old and independent.

Numerous heavy engineering industries developed here with the gold mining and the need to build roads to access it. Shipping, rail manufacturing Whitewater and clothing played a large role in the past but are now lost to cheap imports
Tourism Exploring the main features of this industry you will see how this community has developed its special unique natural features into attractions and marketed them worldwide.

tailor your experience with personalised commentaries and arrange timings to best meet your main interests within the time available.