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Adventure Activities
in the Zone

Alpine Trails Zone, New Zealand
Activities here offer some challenge and a wealth fun, making new knowledge about life, weather, mountain environments and alpine nature.

Water slides

Hot Pool bathing
One of the two Alpine Trails accesses soothing, hot geothermal pools for soaking in the natural minerals and for fun and speed all year round. more> 

Walking trails

Alpine Walking Trails
Most range from between 15 and 60 min offering waterfalls, vistas and alpine access. They encourage the develop skills needed to best enjoy the freedom of being at peace amid nature's beauty.

Visit Inspiring Waterfalls


Inspiring Waterfalls
Trails up steep mountain valleys (30 min) provide close up views of these spectacular cascading deluges. more>

Best Rafting

Whitewater Rafting
Deep fast flowing rivers provide more exciting rapids for a greater rafting experience. (3 hrs). more>

Cave Exploring


Cave Exploring
A stream enters the limestone and travels through its tunnel into a deep exit.  These are fun to explore and challenge  more>

Horse Riding


Horse Riding
Well trained horses take the hard work out of the trails and access the excellent from around the mountain tops.  more>


Riding the canyon on Shotover Jet near Queenstown.
Jet boating

High speed jet boat thrills
Race the fast flowing river its rapids and hold on tight for the spins. more>

Bike riding

Ride delightful forest trails
Safe gentle forest trails offer bike riders commune with nature with its sounds and sights and develop riding skills for greater challenges.

Rock Climbing

Scale the alps
Start in New Zealand and learn the safe techniques and equipment with professional experienced instructors. Rock climbing builds personal confidence, concentration skills and physical strength more>

Alpine Trails Train
All aboard for the delights of a train ride through the Southern Alps. Giant viaducts ravines and tunnels. Stand outside if you wish.  more>


Snow fun on the passes following a winter storm

Mountain Experiences
After a snow event we cannot wait to get in it, make angels and throw it all about. more>




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