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Thousands of guests have freely left kind messages explaining their feelings about their wonderful life developing learning experiences with KANES .    (See also Students' Comments)
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"Thank you Lloyd! Once again we have had an awesome time. The passion you have for your country is phenomenal and I have learned so much. Lets do it again in 2 years"

"Another Great trip - Its always a pleasure to do this tour"

"Our experience with KANES has been awesome and unforgettable. The students gained much knowledge in geography as well as a chance to build up their character"

"This is a tour which students remember for a lifetime"

"This has been a giant geography excursion for me – seeing evidence of plate tectonics, glaciated landforms, river valleys etc etc.  The scenery is so spectacular"

"A wide range of challenging activities that will foster teamwork and build self-esteem and personal confidence. A fun, diverse and awesome tour packed with direct and indirect educational benefits"

"The students had a fantastic time and have been talking about their experiences to whosoever will listen. They have gained many valuable memories, developed life long friendships and greater confidence"

"I cant thank you enough for the fun-filled, fabulous & fantastic time in New Zealand! The memories will last a life-time for all of us"

"Good value for the money. Very educational - geography, history, culture all covered.  A great tour - incredible commentary"

"The kids are still buzzing and we have had such an overwhelming positive response from other students and parents that we are considering another tour next year"

"Parents are happy to send siblings tour after tour.  One family has now sent four"

"Excellent value - Flexible itinerary - Great food"

"Geography came alive for me on this tour - everything was really up close and personal.  For the uninitiated, KANES tour gave the subject of geography a whole new meaning and perspective"

Note from parents  "We have just enjoyed looking at all the photos you have posted on the net. We would like to say a very big thankyou to you for organizing a wonderful holiday for our two beautiful Girls"

"As good as it gets"

"I can't thank you enough for such a marvellous experience"

"Tremendous value for money. Organiser very much in tune with what young people like to do and see"

Note from Parents: 'They loved all the places they visited and they loved the accommodation and food that was organized by your company. It was a wonderful experience for our children on their first overseas holiday.

"Both staff and students enjoyed a unique experience and have come home with memories that will endure a life-time"

"The itinerary was excellent - you catered very much to the needs of the kids"

"Your excellent services and appropriate explanations gave all of us an unforgettable experience"

"The most spectacular and most economical student tour I have ever had the pleasure of leading"

"You did a wonderful job of introducing us to New Zealand and some of its people, history, geography/geology"

"The excursion is an excellent, low cost tour"

'Your organisational skills, detailed geographic and local knowledge, and good humour made the trip a lot easier"

"For us this was a dream come true"

(Our children) "have come back with such positive memories and joys about the trip they have just completed. We are now planning a visit to NZ as a whole family in the next couple of years.  Thanking you so much"

"All three of us (staff) want to thank you vey much for such an awesome trip and for taking great care of the kids"

"A really worthwhile experience. Nothing could improve this tour.  A top operator, brilliant contrasting scenery and cheaper than touring in our own country"

"Better than I had hoped for, certainly worth every cent"

"My students' comments said it all"

Most enjoyable were the scenery, commentaries, geographical formations, the history, Milford and Mt Cook"

"Over all a fantastic experience"

"Great organization, friendly staff dedicated to making our experience the most enjoyable and educational possible"

"Variety and flexibility of the company were great"

"The trip was a worthwhile experience for all who took part and I am sure the students have many fond memories of the things they saw and the things they did"

"An excellent tour. KANES is a friendly, efficient and cooperative company.  The tour was well organised and conducted so time was used to maximum effect"

"Both Students and staff were very happy with the itinerary. The driver had good communication skills with the group and all activities ran smoothly"

"The kids are still gushing about their tour (two week later) and thank you very much"

"We will be Back"

"Of all the excursions I have lead or been part of, this was one of the most pleasurable and rewarding"

"The memories are still as fresh as ever (four months later). Your honest, sincere attitude is greatly appreciated"

"It was a pleasure travelling with your honourable company and you must be proud to be the employer of such an outstanding Coach Captain"

"The Tour was well organised, interesting and good value.  I was surprised New Zealand, especially the South Island, had so much to offer"

"It was good to see the students in a teamwork situation showing respect for their fellow travellers and knowing exactly what they had to do"

"It was an enjoyable and enriching experience"

"A unique opportunity to develop strong community links with staff and students. Awesome ten days"

(See also Students' Comments) 

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