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Providers suspected abandonment when:-
         ●  Rents are more than 3 weeks in arrears AND
         ●  Tenants cannot be contacted by phone, text or visits AND
         ●  Tenants fail to respond notification letters

Step 1

Deliver a 24hr inspection notification due to "suspected abandonment" letter  
Note: Letters left at the address are legally deemed to have been read by the tenant.

Step 2 

Inspect after 24 hrs
Providers can enter the property and tenants do not have to be present.

if clearly vacated Assumed abandonment

Step 3   If the rental may be still occupied Apply to tribunal for "termination",  "rent arrears and other breaches"  more>

Step 4   Tenants must pay for  disposal of possessions
This can cost renters thousands unless they work with their landlords
  • If the combined value of the abandoned possessions is greater than the costs of 35 day storage and disposal, the goods must be stored for 35 days then sold to help recover costs. 

  • If the combined value of the abandoned goods is less than the costs of their 35 day storage and disposal, the goods can be disposed of without holding.

  • Tenants should be advised that their abandoned possessions are being disposed of and they have a last chance to reclaim them.  Note: Letters delivered to the address are deemed read in law.

Step 5  Prepare and re-let property
    See changing tenancies

Step 6

Recover debts for:-
    ●  Rent arrears & lost rents due to restorations and
        no notifications
    ●  Disposal of abandoned goods
    ●  Restoration costs (cleaning & repairs etc) if needed
    ●  Any other costs incurred by the abandonment
             See debt recovery

Important:- If a previous tribunal gave a "judgement order" for termination and rent arrears, owners must ask that a 2nd "judgement order" (for restoration costs) be combined with the arrears order so there is only one debt order to administer.

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